Smalldb  v0.0-177-g1a83180
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 NSmalldbState Machine Abstraction Layer
 NCascadeBlock storage and some useful blocks for the cascade
 CActionBlockUniversal implemntation of state machine action invocation
 CAuthIAuth implementation using Smalldb state machine and simple session token in cookie
 CBackendBlockBase class for backend-related blocks
 CBlockStorageSmalldb block storage generates blocks for each action of each state machine and also few useful blocks for each backend
 CEntityMenuBlockSimple menu to make all entities accessible
 CHeadingBlockShow heading for given action on given state machine
 CListingBlockList all state machine instances matching given filters
 CLoadRefBlockSimple wrapper around Reference class
 CRawApiBlockRaw and ugly connector to access Smalldb interface from outter world
 CShowDiagramBlockBlock which displays state diagram of given state machine
 CShowTableBlockShow listing in simple table
 NStateMachineImplementation of Smalldb state machine, the nondeterministic parametric finite automaton
 CAbstractBackendContainer and factory of all state machines
 CAbstractMachineImplementation of the state machine
 CArrayMachineSimple testing machine implementation
 CFlupdoBackendSmalldb Backend which provides database via Flupdo
 CFlupdoCrudMachineSimple state machine for typical CRUD entities accessed via Flupdo
 CFlupdoGenericListingA very generic listing based on Flupdo::SelectBuilder
 CFlupdoMachineBase class for state machines accessed via Flupdo
 CGraphMLExceptionSomething went wrong when parsing GraphML file
 CIAuthAuthenticator interface
 CIListingA prefered way to retrieve list of existing state machine instances
 CInvalidArgumentExceptionWrong data passed to state machine
 CInvalidReferenceExceptionInvalid reference requested
 CJsonDirBackendSmalldb Backend which loads state machine definitions from a directory full of JSON files and GraphML files
 CReferenceReference to one or more state machines
 CRuntimeExceptionSomething went wrong in state machine
 CSimpleBackendSimple and stupid backend which must be told about everything
 CTransitionAccessExceptionAccess denied to requested transition
 CTransitionExceptionSomething is wrong with current transition