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 NCascadeCascade namespace contains the Core of the framework and various general plugins
 NCoreCascade Core – the hearth of the framework
 CBlockBase block infrastructure common to all blocks
 CCascadeControllerCascadeController is container, where all blocks live
 CClassBlockDocumentatorGenerates documentation structure of the block from PHP source code
 CClassBlockStorageLoad configuration of blocks
 CContextContext maintains global environment and acts as resource container
 CIAuthAuthorizator interface, used by CascadeController to determine whether user is allowed to perform an action or not
 CIBlockStorageLoad configuration of blocks
 CIConfigInterface to configuration loader
 CIShebangHandlerInterface required by shebang handlers
 CJsonBlockStorageLoad block composition from JSON file
 CJsonConfigManage configuration stored in JSON files in core, plugins and application directories
 CJsonConfigAPCJsonConfig with APC cache
 CJsonExceptionSomething went wrong while parsing JSON file
 CProxyBlockBlock class for proxy blocks created by JsonBlockStorage
 CResourceExceptionSomething went wrong while parsing JSON file
 CShebangExceptionSomething went wrong when interpreting shebang
 CTableViewSimple table view
 CTemplateTemplating engine which stores objects in the slots and then arranges them on a page
 CTemplatingProxyBlockTemplatingProxyBlock is like ProxyBlock, but all valus are passed thru template_format() function