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Cascade Core Documentation
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Quick Start

  1. Install Graphviz and Composer. (Graphviz packages are in most Linux distributions.)
  2. Create composer.json in a root directory of your application (see doc/examples/
  3. Let Composer to install everything for you (including this core package).
  4. Run ./core/bin/skeleton-prepare-hier.php to create basic structure of your application.
  5. Make data and var directories writable by webserver.
  6. Set webserver to rewrite all requests to index.php (see examples directory).



Documentation is built by Doxygen. The generated documentation is located in doc/doxygen/html/index.html.

To generate documentation run make doc. Do not use Doxyfile directly, otherwise links get broken. Doxygen 1.8.3 or newer and Graphviz are required.

Take a look at the plugin documentation.


The most of the code is published under Apache 2.0 license. See LICENSE file for details.

Contribution guidelines

There is no bug tracker yet, so send me an e-mail and we will figure it out.

If you wish to send me a patch, please create a Git pull request or send a Git formatted patch via email.