Block core/value/cascade_loader

class B_core__value__cascade_loader extends \Cascade\Core\Block


Cascade loader reads all it's inputs and adds all specified blocks
to cascade. Blocks can be specified as simple string (one block per
input) or array of strings (many blocks per input).

Block IDs are same as names of corresponding inputs with index appended.

Example: When input 'content' gets value array('page/a', 'page/b'), cascade
loader adds blocks 'page/a' with ID 'content_0' and 'page/b' with ID
'content_1' to cascade.

This block is designed for use with core/ini/router. See default
configuration for detailed example.


InputDefault valueDefault connectionComment
*nullBlocks or lists of blocks to add.
block_fmtnullFormat (sprintf) applied to block name (when prefix/suffix is needed).
output_forward'done'List of outputs which will be forwarded back to this block.


*Forwarded outputs from added blocks as specified by 'output_forward' input. Output names are prefixed with source block ID. Example: 'content_0_done'
doneTrue when all blocks were added successfuly and at least one block added.

Force Exec flag

const force_exec = true;