Block core/out/message

class B_core__out__message extends \Cascade\Core\Block


Show error or success message.

If redirect is requested, message can be displayed using core/out/message_queue.


InputDefault valueDefault connectionComment
typenullType of message: error, success, warning, info.
is_errornullMesage is 'error'. Overrides 'type' input.
is_successnullMesage is 'success'. Overrides 'type' input.
is_warningnullMesage is 'warning'. Overrides 'type' input.
is_infonullMesage is 'info'. Overrides 'type' input.
titlenullDefault message title.
textnullDefault message description. override when error
error_titlenullError message title.
error_textnullError message description. override when warning
warning_titlenullWarning message title.
warning_textnullWarning message description. override when success
success_titlenullSuccess message title.
success_textnullSuccess message description. override when info
info_titlenullInfo message title.
info_textnullInfo message description.
redirect_urlnullRedirect to this URI, when type is 'success'.
allow_redirecttrueIs redirect allowed?
quiet_redirectfalseDo not show message, only do redirect. http-status
http_status_codenullRedirect with this HTTP status code.
http_status_messagenullRedirect with this HTTP status message.
hidefalseDo not show the message.

Force Exec flag

const force_exec = true;