Block core/ini/proxy

class B_core__ini__proxy extends \Cascade\Core\Block


Load INI file and insert its content to cascade. Used filename is determined
from block name, becouse cascade controller uses this block when block
specified by INI file should be inserted.

Section "copy-inputs" specifies which inputs will be copied without change
to which outputs. Keys are outputs, values are inputs.

Section "outputs" specifies values on outputs and/or output forwarding.
Syntax is same as when connecting inputs, but keys are output names.

There are three policies which specify behaviour when block is denied. They
are specified in "policy" section in form: policy[] = list of blocks.

Policy "require_block" says, that all specified blocks must be accessible,
or else no block is inserted to cascade.

Policy "dummy_if_denied" says, that denied blocks are silently replaced
by core/dummy.

Policy "skip_if_denied" says, that denied blocks are silently skipped.


InputDefault valueDefault connectionComment



Force Exec flag

const force_exec = true;